Training for ethnic & indigenous groups

new Strength Program

Learn how to:

  • Enhance ones’ mindset
  • Expand mental strength and reduce mental barriers
  • Physical, awareness and proxemics training
  • Strengthen communication and heighten ability to recognize potential high-risk situations
  • The Indigenous population has always been at risk and HumanTrafficking is on the rise:

According Public Health Safety Canada, “We know that men, women and children fall, victim, to this crime, although women represent the majority of victims in Canada. Those who are likely to be at-risk include:

  • Indigenous women and girls; migrants; persons living with disabilities; children in the child welfare system; at-risk youth; those who are socially or economically disadvantaged; …”

Public Health Safety Canada, 2020 (para.7). Retrieved from:

In our new strength program we will be learning about how to strengthen your mindset and build you up, to know that you are worth something more. We’ll be going against old cultures, abuse etc. Breaking down barriers our surroundings have created and the walls we have knowingly or unknowingly put around us. This program will train you to recognize when your dipping into negative areas that open you up to being vulnerable. We will provide you with techniques to bring you back into the green/positive zones that make you see yourself in a new light. If you have been traumatized, then we will work together to bring you to a new and improved PTSD level. Learn how to improve your communication and rationale skills including verbal and non-verbal communication.

*How to recognize a physical threat, using awareness and proxemics, will be based on Krav Maga Training.

Past trainings

Ft. Simpson NWT Youth Conference.  Maskwacis Youth Initiative.