Which class is right for you?

KMS builds a stronger, healthier and more confident you.  By providing practical self-defense uniquely blended with fitness you are able to increase your confidence, self-esteem, build a whole new skillset, while increasing your fitness level in a safe, fun environment.

BEGINNERS (60 min)

Beginners class is designed for people with no Experience and have no Krav Maga Rank.  Students start learning the fundamental techniques, principles of Krav Maga, timelines, distance, proxemics along with basic self-defense and Use of Force concept (What you can do and cannot according to our legal system).  Also when, where, why and how to use the learned techniques and concepts. On average it takes 1 year to be tested for the first level.

ADVANCED (90 min)

Our Advanced Class is for people who have their first rank.  The students learn more techniques, weapon defences and expand on all the fundamentals and concepts learned in the Beginner Class.


In your private one on one class you learn all the above. The program is customized for you and is one on one with David Crane.